Monika Hannemann

Founder and owner, managing partner In her limited free time, she likes to enjoy nature. She also loves cycling and is a fan of great literature. She enjoys baking and her renowned pastry skills are famous even beyond Su Casita. Mrs Hannemann is originally from Bremen and has maintained a strong relationship with her native country and her circle of friends. Her organisational skills are one of a kind. Above all, she loves spending the winter months in Spain thanks to the region’s pleasant climate.

Dieter Hannemann

Founder and owner, director of sales Mr Hannemann is proud of his Hanseatic roots and maintains close ties to Northern Germany. After sailing the world in his younger years, Dieter Hannemann settled down in Spain in the mid-1990s. His helpful and trustworthy nature is valued by customers and friends alike, and everyone agrees that he is a great person to have by your side. Now that he “has just left his youth behind” he occasionally treats himself to some rest and relaxation, and in recent years has become a golf enthusiast. He is completely dedicated to Su Casita, his life project, and he loves interacting with people of different origins and backgrounds.


Anja Langer

Legal representative and the administration’s right hand. Ms Langer has been with the company since 1998 and holds extensive industry knowledge. She primarily handles the legal and fiscal aspects of real estate transactions in addition to the company’s legal matters. Her boundless energy and work capacity are legendary. Like many other Su Casita team members, golf has also caught her eye. In addition, she is extremely passionate about animal protection in Spain.

Peter Kautz

Peter Kautz has lived in Spain since 2001. He joined the Su Casita team in 2015 and is known for his outstanding industry knowledge and market vision. His ability to anticipate customer needs and his discerning people skills are highly valued by colleagues and customers. Mr Kautz, who is originally from Brandenburg, also fell in love with the sport of golf many years ago and enjoys playing a round with friends and customers. He is the perfect adviser for making good decisions.


Dennis Lembert

Dennis Lembert joined Su Casita in 2013 after working for years in another industry. Backed by his strong understanding, thorough knowledge of real estate and the region, lively spirit and many years of experience at a major local financial advisory company, he is the perfect person to help you find the right property in Spain who also provides excellent after-sales service. In a short period of time, he has gained in-depth knowledge of the industry and the market, is highly motivated and is extremely well-regarded by customers and colleagues thanks to his warm personality. Dennis Lembert relocated from Berlin to Costa Blanca in 2003. We are delighted to have him on our team.

Petra Kautz

Just like her husband Peter, Petra Kautz relocated to Spain in 2001 and joined our company in 2015. As our receptionist, Mrs Kautz specialises in attracting new customers and also arranges home tours. In addition, she is always actively involved in all types of organisational matters. She loves interacting with people and is amazing at communicating with potential and existing customers. If you call Su Casita, you will be greeted with this pleasant voice. Petra Kautz is one of the few Su Casita employees who does not play golf. Instead, she loves her garden and her pool. She is always in a cheerful and happy mood.


Last but not least...

Our customers always say that “Once Su Casita, always Su Casita.” This has been our inspiration and driving force for more than 20 years!