5 interesting facts about Spanish lifestyle


It’s August, and here too, it’s the popular holiday month! The whole country benefits from the summer heat and many inhabitants choose during this period to "escape" to the coast (by the way, the Spanish coast is a total of 4,964 kilometers!). Many businesses, authorities, offices and entire corporations also close their doors for a few days, a few weeks and even for the whole month of August. (By the way, at "Su Casita" we also have our afternoon beach break and close our office in August at 2pm).

Maybe you are reading this newsletter somewhere by the pool, on the beach or on the patio and are already on vacation….  You may even be near our agency in San Fulgencio on the Costa Blanca.

We suggest a short list of five tips to follow during your stay in Spain:

1. At lunch or dinner it may be a good idea not to order a milky coffee or creamy sweet coffee for after a meal when ordering your main course. Spanish menus are rich and plentiful. Spaniards usually have an espresso (solo coffee) after the sweet dessert.

2. Whilst we are on the subject of dining, we do not recommend ordering a paella (arroz) in the evening!  It's a classic lunch that can be generally ordered on weekends. And above all, don't forget!  Never a "paella mixta"!  It is only for "Tourists". wink

3. Be careful not to make too much noise between 3 pm and 5 pm, the "siesta" is sacred to the Spanish people. The swimming pools are also closed at this time. The Spanish go to bed late, so a little afternoon "nap" works wonders. Additionally, it is also far too hot to be outside during this time of day.

4. If you invite a Spaniard for dinner or a barbecue at 7 or 8 p.m., they will be pleased to be invited but will not understand why you are inviting them at that time. Spaniards usually eat around 8:30 p.m. and even later. This is why many restaurants only open at this time.

5. The Spanish, at all times, are not keen on handshakes in greeting. In Spain, courtesy (at least in "normal" times) is the hug first, followed by a kiss on the cheek from right to left. In recent months, however, the elbow bump has become a popular substitute for the usual greeting gestures.

We are happy to have shared with you some information on the Spanish lifestyle. We now hope that you are already on vacation, and enjoy taking a look at some of our wonderful real estate offers on the Costa Blanca, Andalusia and Mallorca! You will find a small selection below and for a more exhaustive list of offers, please have a look at our website: www.sucasita.eu. Thank you!

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Kind regards!

Jan Hannemann and the Su Casita team