Spain info October: Unmissable places to visit (part 1)!


Now is the best time to travel to Spain just after the heat of summer!  The months of September, October and November offer pleasant heat and still hot water.  To this end, in October and November we want to offer you some places to discover for your next vacation and also share some hidden gems!  We are very aware that most of you will probably not be able to visit us this year, but it is only a postponement because next year these suggestions will certainly still apply.

Of course, it is difficult (even for us who live here) to discover places off the beaten track on the Costa Blanca, Mallorca and Andalusia.  Maybe you already know these hidden corners and are aware of the tips that we suggest you but hope that we will manage to surprise you with these jewels of places anyway.

Discover with us the villages, beaches, restaurants and activities of Spain's most popular holiday regions (part 1)!


  1. Cala La Granadella

Granadella Bay has been voted the most beautiful beach in Spain twice by viewers of the Spanish TV channel “Antena 3” in recent years.  No sand, but on the other hand the stone beach makes this small bay so unique.  There is also a small restaurant.  The kayak trip to the caves surrounding the bay is quite an experience!  Remember to bring snorkel, goggles and fins because snorkeling is unique!

  1. Carmen del Campillo (La Tèteria del Moro)

It's like stepping into a strange world.  The path, through a Moorish gate, leads you to a lush garden.  Winding paths then take you to the main Arab-style building, the family house which also serves as a tea room.  In addition to teas of all kinds and non-alcoholic drinks, you will find a wide variety of pastries.  In the twilight, the garden and the house are illuminated by countless lamps and candles.  The rooms furnished and decorated in Arab style extend over several levels and the visitor finds himself in a labyrinth of rooms, stairs and interior courtyards.  In winter, wood fires burn in the many small fireplaces.  Take a seat and enjoy a break in this Arabian Nights atmosphere.

Not easy to find, so here is the site and contact details:
google maps: 38.222167, -0.847803

  1. Restaurante Indalecio near Valverde (near Santa Pola)

After having made so many visits, your physical well-being should of course not be neglected!  In this restaurant which is always well attended at lunchtime (you meet almost exclusively locals and artisans), your stomach and your wallet will also be spoiled.  The simple but rich “Menu del Dia” includes still water as well as a drink of your choice (wine included) with a chef's salad.  Then choose the starter and the main course from the choices of the day.  You can then order the dessert "à la carte".  The meal is completed with a coffee.  All for 8 euros 50 per person, you will come out smiling and satisfied.


  1. Sant Elm

The small town on the west coast of Mallorca is still very little visited by tourists today.  Well-maintained white  houses with colorful shutters and lush floral decorations line the rolling streets.  The pedestrian zone has been spared by the flea markets and typical souvenir shops, instead, you'll find cafes and shops, as well as ice cream parlors that sell homemade ice cream.  Sant Elm is located directly on the coast and offers wonderful views of the turquoise blue sea and the offshore islands. 

  1. Mallorca from the water

For around 130 euros at Port d'Andratx, you can rent a mini-boat for half a day without a license (!)  Four adults can take part in the expedition on the boat and each can or is authorized to drive it.  You will be able to comfortably sail along the awe-inspiring coastline and discover places that can only be reached by boat, then drop anchor and dive into the turquoise blue water, the dream!

  1. Ca Na Toneta

Sisters Maria and Teresa Solivellas are the chefs and responsible for the room service at Ca Na Toneta.  Only organic food from the island is used and becomes the ingredients of dishes based on ancient Mallorcan recipes, almost forgotten.  The customer never knows what to expect, there is only one menu each evening, a six-course tasting menu, which always includes a 'coca' (pastry) for which Maria is famous.  The restaurant is mentioned in the 2020 Michelin guide.


  1. Vejer de la Frontera

The village of about 12,000 inhabitants has a good chance of offering you "the most beautiful day in Andalusia".  Vejer de la Frontera is picturesque situated on a hill and is a true typical example of the so called “pueblos blancos”.  The pretty town center is partly surrounded by a medieval wall.  Its winding streets between snow-white houses, surrounded by courtyards with lush flowers and decorated with colorful azulejos (tiles) still offer vantage points from which you can admire the sea.

  1. Cape Trafalgar Lighthouse

It's hard to say what is more impressive: the large beach and the surrounding dunes or the view from the lighthouse.  The path takes you through soft, light sand to the lighthouse, in front of which the naval battle of Trafalgar in 1805 took place.  If you let your eyes wander over the sea, you can even glimpse the coast of the African continent on the horizon.

  1. Fish in Sanlucar de Barrameda

The small town is located at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River into the Atlantic Ocean and has been largely untouched by mass tourism.  Sanlucar is picturesque, with many Moorish houses and villas.  The port has been the starting point for many expeditions: Christopher Columbus started his third voyage to America here in 1498 and Ferdinand Magellan toured the world in 1519. Coto de Doñana National Park begins on the opposite bank of the Guadalquivir.  Enjoy this view of the river and nature in one of the many excellent little fish restaurants on the shore, a delight!  


We hope you enjoy our suggestions of unique places to visit!  As usual we have put together a colorful selection of properties below for you.  We wish you good browsing!

Kind regards,

Jan Hannemann and the Su Casita team