Buying real estate, this is how it works!


Find the right estate agent


There are many real estate agents in Spain, as the proverb says "of sand by the sea". Unlike anywhere else, the role of estate agent in Spain is different.  A good agent is your advisor.  He will understand your wishes and try to find properties for you according to your requirements.  In a joint process, you select the properties you want to visit. Not recommended: Do not organize 20 visits with 10 agents in 5 days.  You will have appointment stresses for the duration of your stay and no agent can really advise you. Recommended: Take (at least) 2 to 3 days with ONE agent,  they will show you more properties as they get to know you better and know your requirements better during your trip.  Also choose an estate agent who speaks your language and look for an agency who works not only locally, but an agency who can offer you a wide selection of properties in different regions.


Please note that at Su Casita, not only we assist you with the purchase of ANY new construction projects, but can also help you for ANY second-hand property that you see  in the listing of another agency!


Finding the right property


Think about it in advance, especially for future use.  How many people should be able to use the property at the same time (number of rooms)?  What level of privacy do you want?  Should it be a detached villa with a swimming pool?  A townhouse or a semi-detached house?  An apartment in a complex with community pool?  Do you want a roof terrace?  Should your dream property be close to the beach and/or is a sea view important to you?  For example, if you are looking for an investment and want to rent it to vacationers, a property on or near a golf course could be lucrative.  Should your property already be turnkey or is a later completion date also an option? Last but not least: What is the maximum distance from the nearest airport for you?


New or second hand....


…. is not just a question of budget.  Whether in Mallorca, the Costa Blanca or Andalusia: you can find fairly expensive second-hand properties (from the exclusive finca to the penthouse directly at the marina or the classic Spanish-style villa with spectacular views of the sea from the mountains). You can find a good price range  for second hand properties as well as for new buildings, with a reasonable budget you will be able to find what you are looking for.  A new construction has its advantages: the developer offer a 10-year warranty on the construction of the building.  The quality of construction today differs considerably from that of 15 or 20 years ago.  In addition, all facilities on a new property are up to date and with new technology, you may also have the possibility to choose floor coverings, tiles, or other fixtures (in some construction projects - especially if you buy "off plan" - you can even modify some parts of the floor plan inside the property).  The new build properties are bought at a fixed price established by the builder and in addition you are safe from unpleasant surprises with regard to the necessary repairs of second-hand real estate.


Find the right location


Have you been on vacation on the Costa Blanca, Majorca or Andalusia for years?  If so you may know the area well and know what you want to buy, your search might well be easier. Otherwise: be patient!  Take the time to explore the area. On the Costa Blanca, for example, the north and the south differ considerably.  In the north there are more mountains, more greenery but the climate is cooler, in the south you will find flat land, kilometers of white sandy beaches and slightly warmer temperatures even in winter.



Processing purchases, steps to follow


Have you found the property of your dreams?  And are you wondering what is the next step?


For new buildings: You make a deposit on the property (generally between 3,000 and 10,000 euros) and receive a reservation contract in return.  The property is now off the market.  After approximately 4-6 weeks you will receive the final purchase contract.  With the signature of both parties, an interim payment (10 to 30% of the purchase price) is normally due.  In the case of properties still under construction, an additional interim payment may be necessary during the construction phase.  For all payments, you generally receive security from your developer in the form of a bank guarantee.  So your money is safe.  The final payment (depending on the payments made previously) is made with the notarized transfer of ownership (Escritura de compraventa).  Then you will also receive the keys to the property of your dreams.


For second hand properties: You also make a reservation deposit for the property (usually 10 percent of the purchase price).  Since the intermediate steps mentioned above are not necessary for used properties, the total purchase price less the deposit is then due when the notary transfers the property.


Additional costs: Assume the amount of additional costs is around 15%.  This includes 10% transfer tax for second hand properties or for new buildings 10% for value added tax (IVA). The remaining (+/-) 5% is for legal fees, for the notary, for  land registry etc. and the entire purchasing process..


Buy with confidence


All of our second hand properties have been carefully checked on behalf of buyers (we make sure that all documents are available for sale, the property is completely legal and have no tax debts or hidden mortgages etc.).  If we work with a partner agency for you, we will ask for the necessary documents.  With the new buildings, you can be sure that the developers we work with are 100% reliable and most of them have been in the market for many years.  And here too, the necessary documents are carefully checked for you by us or our lawyers.


Buy with us


First of all you don't have to pay commission on your purchase! Our percentage of commission is paid at the end of the purchase by the developer or the seller.  Once you have decided on the property of your dreams, we will guide you step by step through the buying process.  We are at your side and available for any contractual questions or advice, we ensure that all the necessary documents are available in good time.  We advise you and can assist you with the opening of a bank account in Spain as well as for the request of your NIE number for a small charge (identification number for taxes) - this number is necessary for the purchase of property in Spain, also we can help you with contracts for electricity, gas and water.


Our maxim: "Once Su Casita, always Su Casita" because even after a purchase, we are always there for you!


Buy with added value with our outstanding aftersale support


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