Climate and health - Majorca

With an average of 8 hours of sun per day and the moderate subtropical climate, it is easy to resist the short winter on Majorca. The climate of the southern part of the island is very mild and dry. In the mountains of the northern part of Majorca there can be unexpected showers of rain and in the upper elevations even isolated falls of snow.

The best time for beach holidays are the months of May to October. In the summer it hardly rains and the temperatures sometimes reach 40° C. The months of July or August should not be chosen for activity holidays or cycling on Majorca.

The general health care is as good as at the coasts of the mainland. The emergency service for tourists as well as the medical care for the residents is guaranteed. There are hospitals, doctors, specialists, dentists and pharmacies as well as English-speaking private medical and alternative practitioners in various locations of the island.

For the disabled there are some Majorcan travel agencies which make the stay on the Balearic Island as smooth as possible. In the disability magazine "Able" wheelchair users and disabled people can find many travel advices.

If you want to spoil yourself and your body during your holidays, you can choose between several hotels with spa, beauty farms, massage parlours and beauty parlours.