Buying a property the easy way!


In these difficult times we naturally want to help you and with our 25 years of experience rest assured that we will do everything in our power to assist you in the best possible way with the search for the property of your dreams!

Now, new possibilities are available to you!

Would you like to see a property in Spain, but it is impossible for you to move either due to Covid-19 or any other impediment? Enjoy the ability to watch online, comfortably from your sofa!

We offer you (in cooperation with many real estate developers) the possibility of discovering the property that interests you through a virtual tour. In this way, you can explore all the parts of your potential new home in detail in a short time and above all without having to move.

We offer the following options (subject to availability):

3D inspection: the most modern method currently on the market.  Real estate is at your fingertips.  You can independently navigate the tour, view the property and get a real sense of the spaciousness of each of the rooms thanks to the three-dimensional visual technology.  You therefore have the feeling of being there and moving around the rooms.

Virtual tour: panoramic views of the entire property, defining the key points to which you can move thanks to an integrated and navigable map.  This option also gives you the possibility to discover the property in detail during a self-guided tour.  Each user can stop at the points that interest them the most.

Live Video Tour: A tour filmed with a cell phone camera (via Facetime, WhatsApp video, Skype, etc.), during which both indoor and outdoor spaces are covered.  You will receive detailed explanations of the property from our colleagues and you can also interact and ask questions.  This type of visit is particularly intended for people interested in second-hand properties.

Now nothing can stop you from starting your research!  Book an online visit to your future dream house or apartment now!

Contact us at to make an appointment or request a video. We take care of the rest.

It should be noted that some of our customers frequently ask us how the price evolution is going at the moment due to covid-19. There are real estate developers and owners who have increased their prices because, despite the difficulties in traveling, there is still a lot of interest in real estate in Spain. There are still special offers on real estate with some developers on the Costa Blanca, Mallorca and Andalusia. We are suggesting a few today, to find out more, click on the links and you will have access to all the information concerning each property. We have also selected some very nice second hand properties for you.

Kind regards, 

Jan Hannemann and the Su Casita team

P.S. By the way, it is of course also possible at any time to make reservations and initiate the notarized purchase process.  You can even make an appointment with the notary for the signing of the title deed with a power of attorney!