The Region - Majorca

Majorca situated in the western Mediterranean Sea is the largest Balearic Island with a coastline of more than 500 km and 179 beaches. The airport of Palma de Mallorca called Son San Joan is served several times a day by almost all European airports. Of course, Palma is also served by any airport of the Spanish mainland, so that tourists can easily combine their stay with a visit to the mainland. Is it any wonder then, that most of the tourists on Majorca are German, British and Spanish? And all of them have their own favourite towns. El Arenal is for the German party guests the same as Magaluf for the English. And the Spanish travel agencies usually offer their tourists various destinations throughout the island.

From Dénia, Valencia, Tarragona and Barcelona, the island is also accessible by boat. It is possible to bring his own car to have an alternative if a rental car is not desired. By car you can easily start to explore the island. This is the best way to experience the contrasts of the landscape, the charming villages and many places of interest. Bike hire companies offer the opportunity to carry out the exploration by bicycle.

Majorca is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain. There is probably no other region in Europe where holiday makers, long-term tourists and residents can enjoy as many differences as on the largest of the four Balearic Islands. The island offers cultural holidays and country living, mountain tours and beach-life and meets the requirements of all ages.

The official languages are Spanish and Catalan, but the dialect spoken on the island is called "mallorquí".

For families, who would like to move to Majorca, it should be mentioned briefly that there are six international schools where the children are taught in multiple languages.