Hello everybody!

Since our director decided that all employees should write about themselves for the company's 25th anniversary,  this time it caught me:

A lot of you might know me already, after all I've been with Su Casita since 2013. I've been living in Spain for 18 years now, it's almost half my age, I will be 42 this year. Like most expats here, it's a gesture I've never regretted, and I even think I should have done it sooner.  😉 Before joining the SuCasita team, I held several positions.

I was trained as a window and building cleaner in my hometown, Berlin, but that was a long time ago….  Once I moved to Spain, I worked for a car rental company, then I was a tax advisor, and after that I was a construction worker, secretary of a city council and then a car and computer salesman.

I started working as a real estate agent, selling houses and apartments almost 9 years ago.  I finally found a job that I really liked and that's why I decided to continue.  Of course, my job is only part of my life in Spain.

I like spending time with my partner, our two children and their grandpa.  My dad has been living in Spain for some time and lives a short walk from us.

We recently moved into a bigger house. We now have a large kitchen with enough space for one of my favorite hobbies: cooking (Asian cuisine!).  We are an active family and love outdoor activities like a day at the beach, geocaching, or spending a day at the water park and theme parks in our area.

However, sometimes, for a short while, I am torn from relaxing with the family.  If for some reason there is a problem with the agency I am the person to call to resolve it.  This could range from a computer issue to an air conditioning problem or even the purchase of a video camera for virtual tours, etc.  I am what they call "the handyman" You can imagine!

Now you know a bit more about me and of course we can meet at the agency at any time!  I am always happy to help!

Speaking of the agency and its anniversary:

All customers who buy a newly built property with us by December 31, 2021, get the money for their sightseeing trip to Spain refunded. * 

We are also happy to help you with your travel planning or hotel search!

See you soon!

Kind regards

Dennis Lembert

* Conditions for reimbursement of travel expenses:
• Signing of a reservation contract by the latest December 31, 2021 for a new build property mediated by Su Casita, S.L.
• Execution of the notarial transfer of ownership by June 30, 2023 at the latest.
• Refund is limited to a maximum of 1,500 euros (upon presentation of proof of payment for accommodation, flights and car rental) and takes the form of a transfer.
• Refunds will be made after the notarial transfer of ownership (Escritura de Compraventa).